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 In December of 2009, God delivered on a promise that was birthed in prayer over a 7 year period of time. During those 7 years, God had a plan that He was directing that is still unfolding before our eyes today. What has our gracious Lord done? He has amazingly supplied us with a 49,000 sq. ft. building valued at $2,000,000 to begin this new work called Center of Hope. The building has the capacity to comfortably seat over 1,200 individuals and is situated right in the heart of the inner city of Evansville.          

          Within a one mile radius are 11,000 people that are 54% African American and 46% Caucasian. We are in a very diverse area with a median family household income of $25,000. God is giving us an opportunity to plant a church where everyone can believe, belong and become all that God wants them to be. Center of Hope is a church that desires to break down racial and social economic barriers that exists in most churches today. It is said that the most segregated place is on Sunday morning in the local church. We are a place where all people can worship together.

          The church began meeting in February of 2010 for prayer meetings asking for a move of the Holy Spirit in the city of Evansville. We have seen, and it is not uncommon to hear individuals stand up and tesitfy of broken lives that have no been restored. The church officially launched on that Easter Sunday with over 400 people in attendance. This is our history, but we are looking to God for our future and what He has planned for the church and the community. 

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Center of Hope Church

808 S.E. 3rd Street

Evansville, Indiana 47713

PH: 1 (812) 402-5106

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